Sandisile Gobo is a young man born in 2003, 20th of January in SOWETO. He studied at Ebuhleni Primary School then Isu lihle Higher Primary. He spent three years at Dr. B.W. Vilakazi the two years at Protea Glen Secondary because of relocation. He passed High school with a Bachelors degree; now a Bachelor of Arts and Broadcasting Journalism student at Boston Media House in Sandton.

He is open minded, likes new challenges and can adapt to any environment. He was always fascinated by media practices and decided to persue it. Sandisile is creative, stands out as person who drives himself to accomplishments. One of his goals is owning a production studio like Tyler Perry. He strays from the norm, likes being different and not doing what the rest of society is. He doesn’t like being told what to do and wants to be his own boss.

He is very humble, hard like a puzzle. He likes cooking and music producing. He is business minded and feels generational wealth is important among people who grew up with nothing. His favorite book is Rich Dad Poor Dad. His favorite quote is “Every mortal will taste death, but only some will taste life” by Rumi.